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  • What is JMICC?

    JMICC is a sole maritime coordination center in pakistan to deal with all maritime related activities, primarily information sharing and inter department/agency coordination. The center collates and archives variety of data obtained from national and international stakeholders in different formats which is directly or indirectly related to maritime domain.

  • What domain the center deals with?

    The center deals with maritime domain.

  • Is there any hotline contact number?


  • When can i contact JMICC?

    JMICC operation room is manned 24/7 therefore anyone can contact anytime.

  • What is AAAS Application?

    AAAS stands for Assistance Anywhere Anytime at Sea. It is the android based application by which a user can register himself. An SOS call can be generated through application and JMICC will get the location through GPS system. Moreover, other cases i.e human smuggling, man over board, oil spillage, narcotics smuggling, weapon smuggling can also be reported to the center by using this application.

  • What is JMIS Software?

    JMIS stands for Joint Maritime Information System. It is the web based software developed for more coherent and unified command and control system for maritime vigilance and security, ensuring interfacing of different stakeholders through seamless coordination and information sharing via number of automatic sources.

  • what is the postal address of the centre

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